How Blurby (B2C) and Elvior (B2B) use Botastico to drive customer engagement and support

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About Blurby and Elvior

Blurby (B2C)

Blurby is a business that specializes in the manufacture and sale of ebikes. Blurby ebikes offer several benefits. They allow you to leave the cars behind, thanks to the electric hub motor that lets you zoom past traffic and conquer hills easily. They have a timeless pure design and fully integrated electronics, making them look no different from a regular city bike. The bikes are lightweight and easy to charge, and they can replace your car, saving you money.

Elvior (B2B)

Elvior is a software development and test automation company established in 1992. It's focused on various domains from web applications to distributed embedded systems. Key areas of expertise include software black-box functional tests, test automation, TTCN-3 testing, and model-based testing.

Using ChatGPT with proprietary data to drive engagement with custom agents

Embedded chatapp

Both Blurby and Elvior use Botastico to allow their customers and website visitors to ask about their services and products.

Since buyers want to compare products and prices when shopping for a new ebike, Blurby derives great value from having an always-on, multi-locale knowledge agent on their website. Similarly, software development and testing is a nuanced topic. Since Elvior has a ChatGPT agent enriched with proprietary data on their website, visitors can quickly get the gist of offered services.

Blurby uses a single bot with multiple localization settings, Elvior uses two different agents, which are embedded to websites based on the domain (.com or .ee).

Capturing leads

For both Elvior and Blurby, it is important to capture email addresses of website visitors and chat users, to be able to continue the conversation. To achieve this, both businesses have configured their agents to ask chatapp users for email addresses, which are displayed in the Botastico portal.

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The Result

  • Both Blurby and Elvior have an always-on, multi-locale customer support and knowledge agent on their websites.
  • With automatic lead capturing, Blurby and Elvior can pick up conversations with their customers.
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