Why Botastico Is Relevant?

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Botastico is a no-code tool designed to harness the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) for creating personalized chatbots. Aimed at simplifying the process of chatbot development, it allows users to upload their own data, set interaction goals, and quickly deploy chatbots on their websites or platforms. Whether for businesses seeking customer engagement tools or individuals exploring the possibilities of AI-driven conversations, Botastico can serve you.
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The Spark That Ignited Botastico

My journey with Botastico began in December 2022, sparked by a mind-blowing first conversation with OpenAI’s ChatGPT version 3. With a background spanning 30 years in software and a decade in data science and machine learning, I was astounded by the rapid advancements in the field. The experience was so startling that I half-jokedly had to check if I hadn’t accidentally plugged myself into the Matrix. I realized I couldn’t just be a spectator to these exciting developments. This drive to delve deeper led me to explore Large Language Models (LLMs) more closely. From this blend of awe and curiosity, Botastico was born. Initially a small project intended for personal use, and to amaze my friends and family, it has since evolved to assist a much broader audience.

Navigating the Competitive Markets

In the fast-changing world of chatbot technology, we found ourselves up against significant challenges from large, well-known companies, and an army of startups and open-source projects. It felt a bit like showing up to a spaceship race with a homemade rocket. But hey, we were thrilled to join the race! Despite the stiff competition, we were buzzing with excitement to be part of this expanding field. We were like explorers, looking for uncharted territories in the chatbot world where we could plant our flag. With the understanding that the tech world waits for no one, we geared up to pivot and adapt faster than a chameleon in a rainbow, ready to respond to the ever-shifting market dynamics.

What Botastico Was First Made For

At first, we made Botastico for three main use cases:
  • To help people make their own chatbots for things they like, such as learning or understanding hard texts.
  • To help companies put chatbots on their websites. These chatbots can talk to customers 24/4, in any languages, and help get more business leads.
  • To give developers tools (APIs) to create special applications using their own data.


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How Botastico Fits Now

After OpenAI released their own GPTs and Assistant APIs in Nov 6, things for us changed a lot, particularly affecting personal, hobby, and tutor AI bots, which were among Botastico’s initial targets. Moreover, the ease of programming chatbots with these APIs has impacted our aim to serve developers.
This turn of events made us pause and reconsider the purpose of Botastico and its target audience. Is it still relevant, we wondered? Our answer is a resounding “yes,” with a side of optimism. Making a simple chatbot is as easy as pie? But when it comes to businesses, they need the full banquet, not just the appetizer. Basic chatbot features? That’s just our starting point. Botastico is evolving to meet these gourmet-level needs, whipping up more than just the chatbot equivalent of a grilled cheese sandwich.
Your thoughts matter to us. Share your feedback or suggestions on how we can improve Botastico to better meet your needs.

Helping Our Business Customers

Right now, our main goal is to provide businesses with chatbots that truly match what they need. We understand that a chatbot whipped up with 30 lines of code might not cut it for businesses. It’s kind of like expecting a microwave dinner to taste like a five-star meal. So, we’re cooking up some new features:
  • Clear Knowledge Bases: We’re making sure businesses can see exactly what their chatbots know. It’s like giving them a peek into the chatbot’s brain, so they can fine-tune it to perfection.
  • Always Updated Information: Our chatbots will always have the freshest info about the business. Think of it as the chatbot getting a daily news briefing.
  • Explaining Answers: We want our chatbots to not just answer questions but also explain their thought process. It’s like having a mini teacher in your chatbot.
  • Getting Leads: We’re also focusing on turning chatbots into lead-generating ninjas for businesses.
  • Working with People: It’s crucial for chatbots and humans to work together as seamlessly as a well-rehearsed dance duo.
As Botastico evolves based on our customers’ feedback, it shows our dedication to staying relevant and valuable in the ever-speeding chatbot expressway.

Building Botastico’s Future

We’re a small and humble team, constantly absorbing new ideas. Our competition might be tough, but we’re like the tenacious underdog in a feel-good movie, dedicated to crafting something our customers will love. The future? We might not have a crystal ball, but we’re jazzed about being part of this adventure. We’re continually sprucing up Botastico.
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Andres Kull – Botastico co-founder
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