How Opiq combines proprietary data and ChatGPT to power the future of learning

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About Opiq

Opiq is an online learning platform for the public education system students. Students from the first grade up until the end of the school journey can use Opiq to study, revise, and practice any subject.

At its core, Opiq is a platform that connects publishers and students/teachers. Opiq has developed a learning platform for students and a content management system (CMS) for publishers. Since Opiq is used in public schools, every content published on their platform has to follow the national curriculum.

Opiq has ongoing operations in Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Kenya, Uganda, and Kazakhstan.

The Challenge of ChatGPT in a Public Education System

ChatGPT, or Large Language Models (LLMs) in general, are widely used by students across the world and age range. The education industry is one of the biggest AI innovation benefiters of all industries. However, implementing ChatGPT/LLMs into the public education system is not a trivial task.

Data scientists have long been puzzling the “black box” issue – what is the decision making reasoning behind sophisticated AI models? With intelligent chatbots part of our everyday lives, people have started to ask themselves questions like:

  • "How can I trust what the agent shares with me?"
  • "What is the origin of this information?"

Needless to say, these questions are amplified when it comes to using LLMs in a public education system.

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With Botastico, Opiq’s team is able to iteratively change the configuration of the agent and see the references included, which allows to build an agent that is safeguarded to only use the proprietary content.

The Result

  • Opiq has implemented Botastico’s chatapp to its studying platform.
  • Students can use Botastico to study history, biology, physics, literature, chemistry and numerous other subjects.
  • The agent is configured to use Opiq’s content when answering questions. If it can not find the answer from Opiq’s content, it will not hallucinate and will say that it does not have the information required to answer.
  • Opiq’s team can use references and monitoring features to keep an eye on the quality of answers.
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